“A New Economic Direction for South Bend”

April 14, 2011

By Pete for South Bend

SOUTH BEND—Today, Democratic candidate for mayor Pete Buttigieg released his economic plan to jump-start job creation in South Bend in front of a crowd of supporters at his campaign headquarters on Main Street.

“This election is about jobs. South Bend needs to adapt to an ever-changing and global economy so that responsible employers can create more good-paying jobs,” Buttigieg said.

“Our city is at a fork in the road. We can continue to be on the short end of globalization, or we can use innovative ideas to set a new economic direction. Drawing on my business experience and conversations with community leaders, this written action plan lays out specific steps that my administration will take to transform South Bend into a strong and dynamic Midwestern economy.”

Buttigieg’s comprehensive plan focuses on six main areas:


  • Supporting responsible local businesses by creating a competitiveness strategy for advanced manufacturing, streamlining permitting and city services, and matching vocational education to employer needs.


  • Confronting poverty to provide economic opportunities for all by making swift, tactical improvements on entryway corridors, launching a “Bank on South Bend” program to provide financial services to low-income residents, and addressing vacant housing in our neighborhoods.


  • Offering simple and user-friendly economic development infrastructure by better coordinating economic agencies in our community, developing a better relationship between local companies and the mayor’s office, exchanging personnel between city government and local business, and increasing the ease of doing business with the city.


  • Competing for investments nationally and globally by using our geographic advantage and university-based relationships, developing and advertising South Bend’s superior Internet infrastructure, and promoting our city’s greatest strengths.


  • Promoting the development of homegrown businesses that want to start in our community by focusing on high-growth sectors, our strengths in distribution and logistics, an entrepreneurial mindset and increased access to capital.


  • Making investments to improve our workforce and quality of life – which is critical for economic development – by making the most of the river, creating an arts district, supporting working families, and partnering with our school system to get the best results.


A full text of the plan is available by clicking here