Buttigieg Announces Candidacy

By Nick McGurk, WNDU News


SOUTH BEND - Democrat Pete Buttigieg announced Saturday he will run for mayor  of South Bend. 

He is one of five democrats who have announced they will run in the May primary.

"Some have said that it's a little too soon for me, that I need to wait my turn, wait in line, wait ‘til I'm older, but in my experience, waiting is almost never the right answer for dealing with big problems,” said Buttigieg before a packed house at his downtown headquarters.

"I'm not an incumbent, not the product of any political machinery. I am, however, a product of South Bend,” he added.

If the race for mayor is all about raising money, Buttigieg so far has the lead, at least based on the last filing period.

If the race is about supporters, Saturday’s announcement displayed strong support as well.

"It's incredible the number of people that are here, and the number of people that are very significant people within our community that are here, there's some big players here that know and understand our need and are willing to get involved,” said Peter Mullen, St. Joe County auditor.

Former mayor Roger Parent says he is supporting Buttigieg, too.

"I'm very hopeful, I like his youthfulness, I like his ideas,” said Parent.

Buttigieg will file his papers on Monday to appear on the May ballot.

He will face Rev. Barrett berry of Pentecostal Cathedral in South Bend; Mark Dollinger of WorkOne Center; State Rep. Ryan Dvorak; and St Joe County Council member Mike Hamman.