Buttigieg Kicks Off Campaign For Mayor

By the Pete for South Bend Campaign

SOUTH BEND – Pete Buttigieg officially announced his candidacy today to become the next mayor of the city of South Bend.

“I’m running because South Bend needs a fresh start, and because I have the energy, the education, and the experience to get the job done,” Buttigieg said in front of around 100 supporters at his headquarters on Main Street.

Detailing the actions he would take to make South Bend successful and prosperous, Buttigieg highlighted five areas:

  • Strengthening the local economy and attracting and retaining businesses
  • Showing leadership in working with the local public school system
  • Managing a cutting-edge, transparent city administration that works for the people and provides excellent customer service
  • Providing safety and security by empowering neighborhoods and confronting the vacant housing problem
  • Forging stronger connections to the region, state and world so South Bend is tapped into the global economy

 “This is no time for waiting. It is a call to action,” Buttigieg said before leaving the office to knock on doors to talk and listen to South Bend residents.

Buttigieg also told the crowd that he would be filing the formal paperwork to appear on the Democratic ballot at the St. Joseph County Clerk’s office on Monday, January 31 at 10:00 a.m. Primary Election Day is Tuesday, May 3.