Buttigieg Submits Economic Plan


April 14, 2011

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SOUTH BEND--Democrat candidate Pete Buttigieg submitted a 14-page economic plan on Thursday ahead of the May 3 primary.

Buttigieg believes South Bend's tax abatement ordinance needs to be simplified and that it alone will not be enough to turn around the local economy.

"There's more to economic development than tax abatements," said Buttigieg. "Economic development means having the right kind of infrastructure the right kind of educated and skilled workforce and the right kind of quality of life that makes it convincing for a company or for an individual to move here. If we don't get the big things right you can't pay a company to make a bad business decision."

Buttigieg is the only candidate to be endorsed by the Chamber of Commerce of St. Joseph County.

Check out a video of the story by clicking here.