Democrat Pete Buttigieg has the Most Fundraising Money So Far

By Rich Molina,

SOUTH BEND - Since Mayor Steve Luecke announced he will not seek another term as South Bend mayor, it has been a crowded field for the chance to take his place.

The candidate with the fewest years experience is touting the most fundraising dollars, as of the last filing period.

Democrat Pete Buttigieg currently has more than $50,000 on hand.

Of that amount, $7,500 was transferred over from last November's campaign for Indiana State Treasurer.

Coming in a distant second is St. Joseph County Council Member Mike Hamann. He has raised more than $21,000 with just over $13,000 cash on hand.

Buttigieg says fundraising is only the beginning.

”I'm proud of our campaign for being able to take such a strong and early lead in fundraising, especially because we're competing against sitting office holders. But at the end of the day, it's not going to be about how much you raise, it's going to be about how hard you work."

State Representative Ryan Dvorak had just shy of $9,000 though he tells NewsCenter 16 he has raised much more.