La Casa Hosts Mayoral Forum

By WNDU News

March 19, 2011

The four Democratic candidates for mayor of South Bend came together under one roof to talk politics.

The West Side Democratic Club hosted event, along with La Casa de Amistad.

Barrett Barry, Pete Buttigieg, State Representative Ryan Dvorak, and County Council Member Mike Hamman were there.

With just over a month until the all-important primary, the event gave west side residents a chance to put issues in front of those who could be their next mayor.

One Voice Committee member Rebecca Ruvalcaba said, "We can have somebody running, and not really understand the people. And that's not the person that you want in office. You want someone that really understands what the community needs and who the community is, so not just to hear but to listen and understand who the community is."

Ruvalcaba also talked about how the event was not just for the Latino community.

She said it's about "jobs, economic development, education, the education for our kids. So, it's not specifically for a certain culture or ethnic group that is concerned about this, but we're concerned as citizens of this great city."

La Casa hopes to hold a similar event for Republican candidates next month.

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