Voice of the People: For Buttigieg

Voice of the People, The South Bend Tribune

April 8, 2011

For Buttigieg

I support and endorse Pete Buttigieg for mayor of South Bend. Earlier this year I entered the race for mayor to provide leadership and direction for South Bend by strengthening our neighborhoods, providing a comprehensive economic development strategy and ensuring all residents have a voice in the political process. Soon after I withdrew from the race, I spent time speaking with three of the remaining candidates to understand their viewpoints.

After speaking with the candidates and much deliberation and thought, I decided Buttigieg was the candidate I would support. His experience in economic development will serve the residents of South Bend well. He has a vision for South Bend that includes collaborating with business, education and community leaders to move the city forward.

This election will bring about change as we will elect a new mayor for the first time this century. We need a candidate who will provide South Bend the leadership necessary to bridge the gap between South Bend’s largely industrial past to an economy focused on the types of new jobs and employers our city will need to be successful in the future. Buttigieg is that candidate.

Mark Dollinger
South Bend