Voice of the People: For Buttigieg

Printed in The South Bend Tribune

April 16, 2011

For Buttigieg

Pete Buttigieg is the right guy to lead South Bend. We need someone like Buttigieg, who has gained the support of the Chamber of Commerce while also earning key support of labor leaders. Given his background in economic development in Iraq and Afghanistan, both of which have far more challenging economic climates than South Bend, Buttigieg is the best candidate to bring business and labor interests together to promote job growth and development.

He recognizes that strengthening our schools and attracting young people to South Bend are critical steps to create sustained growth. Buttigieg’s vision for South Bend, along with his energy, intelligence, experience and charisma, will serve South Bend well. Vote for Buttigieg for mayor.

Aaron Scherb
South Bend