Work together to garner positive recognition


Printed in The South Bend Tribune

Voice of the People

June 25, 2011

Another national publication has drawn unfavorable attention to our city. While it would be easy to jump into familiar partisan trenches and trade shots, I believe we need to address the challenges we face with fresh, actionable initiatives -- a vision that will take all of us to accomplish. That's what my campaign did in the primary and that's my daily focus moving into the future.

While I was honored to receive my party's endorsement to become the next mayor of South Bend, I know that it's going to take all of us to move our community forward. If we are isolated and adversarial, we will accomplish little. If we are collaborative in our thinking and disciplined in our execution, we will do great things.

The American spirit is one of resilience and hard work. South Bend embodies that spirit. While we've been up against the ropes in a few struggles recently, it's time to dust ourselves off, implement new ideas and work without rest to turn every naysayer into a believer.

And next time the national media comes to town, let's make sure it's to publicize our economic and cultural success as one of the Midwest's leading, dynamic communities. I think we can all agree on that.

Pete Buttigieg
Democratic nominee for mayor
South Bend