South Bend’s Comeback From one of America’s "ten dying cities" to some of the fastest pace of population and investment growth.

Through Mayor Pete’s leadership over the last seven years, South Bend is having a remarkable comeback with a focus on an even more prosperous future. The city has streamlined economic development and bolstered business activity with local, state, and national partners, leading to over $802 million in total commercial private investment and the creation of 3,522 local jobs since 2012.

jobs created in South Bend since 2012.

Downtown South Bend has been renewed with increased investment, three full-service hotels, new businesses, more living and dining options, and the captivating River Lights, a permanent, public art display on both sides of the St. Joseph River. Mayor Pete’s Smart Streets initiative has also reinvigorated the city center by making transportation safer and more efficient for motorists, public transit riders, bicyclists, people with disabilities, and pedestrians.

Mayor Pete near East Race in South Bend with residents.
in commercial private investment.

In South Bend’s neighborhoods, the city has broadened investment across the entire city on projects ranging from better curbs, sidewalks, and lighting to lasting public safety measures. The mayor’s signature Vacant and Abandoned Properties initiative initially sought to address “1,000 abandoned houses in 1,000 days.” To date, the project has demolished or repaired 1,373 properties since early 2013, leading to safer and stronger neighborhoods.

Mayor Pete walking down Western Ave. with residents.

South Bend is undertaking the largest parks revitalization in the city’s history to take full advantage of public spaces, the riverfront, neighborhood parks and amenities, and trails.

vacant or abandoned properties addressed.

Just beyond the city limits, Mayor Pete has worked with area colleges and universities to ensure that South Bend is not just friendly to students, but strives to be a meaningful College Town 2.0 where young people can match their talent with purpose and be part of South Bend’s comeback.

Mayor Pete with South Bend residents in a small business.
311 Line
Streamlined city services with new technology.

The city has also placed a premium on the use of data and technology to improve city services and overall customer service. South Bend implemented a 311 line for residents and businesses and has partnered with groups large and small to sustain South Bend as a transparent, “Open Data” community. This extends to the city’s “smart sewer” system that has saved taxpayers millions of dollars over the years by optimizing flows and assisting with infrastructure fixes.

These tech progressions are hardly limited to city operations. Places like Innovation Park / IDEA Center at Notre Dame, Ignition Park, and the Renaissance District seek to harness the power of ideas into sustained economic growth for the wider community through new businesses, capital investments, and tech and green jobs.